Indeed, Al Eter Advocates & Legal Consultants fulfills all your judicial needs, as it offers you broad experience in diverse disciplines and practical applications. Indeed, we aspire to be the best all over the UAE in terms of the quality of services, innovative solutions and cost-effective fees, in a way that leads to swift predominance of our name as a leading deliverer of all judicial services to clients, since we truly represent an integrated UAE judicial services institution.

So, if you seek the best representative pleaders in the different UAE courts, we are honored to be at your service. The office represents clients before courts, arbitration agencies, administrative entities with legal jurisdiction, and police departments. It also defends clients in the cases filed by or against them, and undertakes all relevant pleadings and legal proceedings.

The office also carries out all appeal procedures, such as opposition, appeal, contestation and reconsideration against all civil, criminal, Shar`i, and administrative judgments, enforcement of legal judgments, and inquiry about cases. In short, the office carries out all advocacy works in all the branches of legal work, including for instance the fields below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to entrench the principle of justice and positive contribution to administering it in a fully successful manner towards realization of our main goal, that is bringing the rights to their due owners (our clients) within the shortest possible time, while adhering to the basic values, namely integrity, impartiality, objectivity, honesty and transparency.

Our Motto

Maintaining the rule of law, administering, administering justice and unfolding the truth in all honesty and credibility.

Our Vision

We earnestly seek to stand at the forefront of the UAE advocacy institutions that specialize in fi ling lawsuits and providing judicial services in a highly accurate and professional manner.